Cleaning Supplies

  • 5" Forcep with Grip

    5" Forcep with Grip
    Handy plier-like tools made originally for medical purposes work perfectly as clamps for small articles.
  • AF Rub Off

    AF Rub Off
    Use for cleaning pivots, train wheels, removing finger prints and stains, excess oil from jewels, and taking out broken pivots.
  • Alcohol Cup With Knob, 12 oz Capacity

    Alcohol Cup With Knob, 12 oz Capacity
    For alcohol, benzene or other solutions. Edges of covers and cups are ground to form a tight seal, keeping dust from entering and protecting solutions from evaporation.
  • Attack Glue Dissolver

    Attack Glue Dissolver
    Dissolves cured epoxy and resins (but not Super Glue) so you can quickly and easily separate misaligned materials or clean cured resins from metal, stone, glass, wood and many other materials.
  • Autosol Gold & Silver Polish

    Autosol Gold & Silver Polish
    This 3.33oz tube comes with protective glove and a small brush to reach tight spots. Made in Germany.
  • Beaker Holder

    Beaker Holder
    Simple but very effective. Our new beaker holders allow the jeweler to place a 600ml beaker into an ultrasonic without fear of it spilling.