Polishing Compounds, Motors & Accesories

  • Adapter Mandrel, Right side

    Adapter Mandrel, Right side
    This right hand (white) adapter mandrel which fits on a tapered spindle can be used with any 1/8″ hole miniature brush. This enables the user to run brushes such as our metal-hub brushes with a large motor.
  • Arbe Table Top Double Spindle Polishing Machine

    Arbe Table Top Double Spindle Polishing Machine
    Double Spindle Table Top Polishing machine with 1/2 HP motor.
  • Bendick Polish

    Bendick Polish
    Bendick polishing compound is intended for use with a buffer to generate a beautiful shine on metals and plastics. Our current customers are primarily professional fine jewelers across the United States as well as dental labs and dental schools at major American universities. Our customers currently use Bendick Polish to polish the following: Fine and costume jewelry Dental items: Dentures Bite Splints Dental instruments Bendick Polish can also be used to polish rigid plastics.