Loupes and Magnifiers

  • 10X LED Lighted Pocket Optical Comparator Set

    10X LED Lighted Pocket Optical Comparator Set
    Focus Ring provides a wide range of measurement applications Accurately measures diameter, angle, hole size, thread measurement, radii, thickness, etc.
  • 10X Triplet Loupe, 18MM

    triplet 10x loupe
    Available in black, gold or silver this economical line of loupes offers the user 10 X 18mm triplets at a price that can't be beat. Excellent for department stores. Comes in its own leather case.
  • 5X Magnifying Lamp

    5X Magnifying Lamp
    This affordable 5X magnifier lamp offers the user a portable solution to viewing anything small. With a 4 lens see all the details and work with greater ease and better results