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Firescoff Ceramic Flux, 4.25 oz bottle (125mL)



Revolutionary All-in-one Firescoff® is a spray-on ceramic coating that provides ultra-consistent solder flow and unbeatable protection against firescale. In addition to protecting gemstones and metals, Firescoff preserves the original polish, color and patina of precious metals. Completely water soluble, Firescoff eliminates the need for acid-based pickle solutions–making it safer, faster and more cost-effective for all your soldering tasks. Simply spray it on, solder your piece, then rinse clean with warm water. Firescoff flux is non-flammable; fluoride- and chloride-free. Spray bottle holds 1 ounce.
• Replaces flux, firecoat and pickle.
• Flawless void-free welds.
• Consistent, predictable solder flow.
• Multiple soldering w/ single application.
• 60% reduction in prep time.
• Maintains original metal color & patina.
• Fluoride-free (safe for ruby & sapphires).
• Non-toxic, with no outgassing (see MSDS).
• All-in-one convenience.
• Easy warm-water clean-up.
• MJSA Award-winning performance.