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20mm Gem Gauge

This handy gauge, known as a pearl gauge is excellent for stones of all kinds. Its smooth action assures accuracy.


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4″ Divider

For measuring distances between points and scribing circles or arcs. Spring action. Legs measure 4″ Max Opening: 3-3/8″


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60MM Brass Pocket Sliding Gauge

Combination inch and millimeter gauge. Capacity 2-1/4″ (60 mm). Graduations by 1/4 and 1.0 mm


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80MM Brass Deluxe gauge

Our 80mm -3- Brass Gauge Deluxe eliminates the problem of holding while measuring.


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Accurate Diamond Gauge

Folds to the size of a half-dollar. Measures round and baguette stones from 1/100 to 2 carats. Made of aluminum for long, durable service.


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Adjustable Degree Guage

Adjustable, lightweight, sensitive gauges made of polished steel with easy-to-read brass indexes. 1/10mm Graduation, 150mm Capacity.


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Aluminum Ring Stick w/Groove

Made of solid aluminum ring stick with groove, is graduated in quarter sizes from 0 to 13 by US standards.


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Aluminum Ring Stick w/o Groove

This quality turned-aluminum stick measures size 1 to 15 by quarter size in U.S. standards.


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B&S Gauge Wire and Drill Gauge

American standard for ordering wire and sheet sizes from 0 to 36. Decimalequivalents on the back. Imported, economical quality.


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Brass Sliding Guage, Capacity 100mm

Measures in inches and millimeters. Capacity 4″ or 100 mm.


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Comfort Fit Ringer Sizer Finger Gauge

Ring Finger Sizing gauge measures US ring sizes for Comfort Fit style rings and bands. Gauge ranges from ring sizes 1 – 15 in half size increments. 29 pieces total.


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Degree Gauge

Lightweight, sensitive gauges made of polished steel with easy-to-read brass indexes. 1/10mm Graduation. 150mm Capacity


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Degree Gauge

The points are precision ground and accurate to 0.10 millimeter with a 10mm capacity. Marked on both sides.


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Deluxe Ring Sizing Set

Be assured of giving your customers an accurate fit every time with this ring and finger gauge set which has been matched in graduated and full sizes from 1-15.


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Digital Caliper

Measuring range 0-150mm digital caliper. Stainless Steel. Convenient plastic box case. Millimeter or inch readings. Easy on/off button.


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Divider 3″, Economy

3″ dividers feature a quick-adjust setting nut and tempered points. Great for marking finding centers and making circles. Unsurpassed quality. Made in India.


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Economy Brass Gauge, 80mm

This 80mm brass gauge is identical to the German models, but less expensive.


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Flat Ring & Finger Sizer

Regular width, flat, economy model with matte finish, sizes 1-15.


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Gem Weight Estimator

The diamond weight estimator is perfect for determining the size of loose or mounted stones when other methods are unavailable.


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Gemlogis Saffron Sorting Gauge -Closeout!!

The Gemlogis Saffron provides direct digital readout as you pick up loose stones with ease. It is the most convenient way for sorting gemstones of various sizes.


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GemOro Suregauge XL

The portable GemOro SUREgauge XL has a measuring range of 0-25mm/0-1″ with a precision accuracy of 0.01mm/0.0005″.


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Half Round Finer Gauge 1-15

Our gauges are nickel-plated for years of use at the retail level. Graduated in U.S. Standard half-sizes. Half-Round size 1 to 15


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Jumbo Finger Gauge 16-24

Jumbo finger gauge sizes 16–24 in half sizes.


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K&B Diamond and Stone Guage

Aluminum pocket gauge for measuring loose stones and settings ranging from.03 to 4 carats. A birthstone chart is embossed on the reverse side.


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Mark A Size Ring Sizing Jewelry Tool

Enables you to accurately scribe cutting lines when reducing ring sizes. The 12 sizes are graduated in quarter ring sizes from 1/4 to 3. Mark and cut the correct size every time.


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Metal Dial Caliper

This value engineered 9-3/8 caliper measures inside outside and depth. The gauge is accurate to 0.02mm with a measuring range of 0mm to 150mm.


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Mini Digital Caliper

Our stainless steel 6-3/4 miniature digital gauge is state-of-the-art. Beautifully finished it is practical and compact. It measures in millimeters and inches -maximum 100mm 4-. Accuracy is assured at 0.01mm.


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Multisizer Finger Sizer

The Multisizer works like a belt with a buckle, which easily wraps around the finger, going over the knuckle. When you tighten it into a comfortable fit, an arrow indicates the precise finger size.


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Nickel Plated Ring Sizer Stick, Grooved

Hollow ring sticks are perfect for measuring rings 1 to 15 in quarter sizes by US standards. Gauge shows the length of material needed to make specific sizes of rings.


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Plastic Finger Gauge

An ideal “give-away” for potential customers to take home to determine the correct finger size of recipient who cannot be present to be measured. A sure way to clinch the sale.


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Pocket Wire Gauge

The Pocket Wire Gauge is all new and exclusively from EURO TOOL. Measures wire or sheet metal from gauges 34 to 8


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Premium Aluminum Ring Stick

Deluxe version measures in European sizes circumference in millimeters American sizes and diameter in millimeters. It is also grooved for stone-set rings. Sizes 2 to 15.


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Presidium Electronic Leveridge Gauge

Speed up your diamond and gemstone measuring with the high-tech Electronic Gemstone Gauge.

Digital display eliminates eye fatigue when measuring stones over prolonged periods.


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Presidium Gem Tester – PGT II

The Presidium Gem Tester II (PGT II) features a clear and direct analog display for a quick way to identify diamonds/moissanite and separate up to 15 common colored gemstones from one another based on their thermal conductivity. It still features a retractable probe tip that ensures consistent pressure against the gemstone during tests resulting in more reliable results. With the industry’s thinnest probe tip size of 0.6mm, the PGT II tests gemstones as small as 0.02ct.


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Presidium Leveridge Gauge

Cost effective way to accurately measure gemstones; delivers millimeter read out with instant carat conversion.


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Spring Bar Gauge

Our 4-3/4 lug gauge gives you the exact measurement you need to determine the distance between watch lugs for spring bars bands or bracelets.


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Universal Diamond Guage

Contains 7 blades for measuring the most popular diamond shapes: round,baguette, square, pear and marquise stones.


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Wide Ring Sizer

Wide width, flat, sizes 1-15.


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