6 pc Black Epoxy Tweezer Set

6 pc Black Epoxy Tweezer Set. Styles SS, 2A, 3C, 00, 5, & 7.


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Bergeon 6751-S ESD Carbon Fiber Tweezers- 3 piece set

Carbon Fiber Tweezer set of 3. Three different styles included: sharp points, medium points and flat end points.


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Bergeon 7024-P03 Anti-magnetic Tweezers 3 Piece Set

Bergeon 7024-P03 Anti-magnetic Tweezers Set. Includes styles #1, #3 & #5.

Brass Tweezer Set in pouch, 5 piece

Tweezers are very soft and non-magnetic
Include the following styles: #3, #5, AA, MM and AM
Come in a convenient storage pouch


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