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2 Piece Set Wax Detailers

Phenomenal tools for filing and shaping wax but also exceptional bead or pearl reaming tools.


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Asbestos Free Gloves

A must for working with burnout ovens and vulcanizers, and whenever melting gold.


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Button Sprue Base

Fill the cup in the center with wax or clay to form the base for the sprue.


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Carbon Stirring Rod

For stirring gold in crucible while melting.


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Castaldo Jewelry Mold Release Spray

A safe non-toxic silicone based spray to release wax patterns from rubber molds. Non-flammable, non-CFC and environmentally safe.


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Casting Flask 4″x6″ -Closeout!!

Casting Flask 4″x6″


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Casting Flasks

Made of durable stainless steel. Use with Button Sprue base or Tree Sprue base for leak-proof seal.


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Crucible for Centrifugal Casting Machine, 250 Dwt Capacity

Crucible for use with the centrifugal casting machines. Made of fused silica with a clay bond, which will last through many meltings. Best choice for metal melting up to 2500°F (1371°C)


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Crucible, Fused Silica,100 dwt

Made of clay bonded fused silica for melting temperatures up to 2800°F (1538°C). Excellent for melting gold and silver. Diameter: 3″, Depth: 1″, Capacity: 25 dwt – 255 g  


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Cuttlefish Bone, Box of 6

For casting small objects. Press model directly between two pieces of cuttlefish. The soft shell makes a smooth walled mold


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Flask Tong

Our sturdy 16″ flask tongs make retrieving hot flasks easy. Solid steel.


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Griffith Borax Powder, 7 oz

Used for making soldering and casting fluxes.


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Ingot Mold, Open, 124 gram Capacity

Forms ingots or bullion of various sizes. Cast iron. Depth: 30 mm, Length: 120 mm, Width: 45 mm, Capacity: 124 g.


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Ingot Mold, Open, 310 gram Capacity

Forms ingots or bullion of various sizes. Cast iron. Depth: 3-15/16″ 135 mm, Length: 1-3/4″ 45 mm, Width: 3/16″ 5 mm, Capacity: 200 dwt 310 g.


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Ingot Mold, Open, 78 gram Capacity

Forms ingots or bullion of various sizes. Cast iron. Depth: 35 mm, Length: 90 mm, Width: 35 mm, Capacity: 78 g.


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Investment Scale

Accurate, yet economical, scale weighs in 2 oz. increments. Easy to read red and black numerals on 4″ dial indicate weight, as well as water/investment ratios. Includes scoop. 10 pound capacity.


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Investment Scoop

Plastic scoop for handling dry investment. Sold with investment scale, item #21.773.


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Melting Dish with Handle

Melting dish with removable handle makes it easy to melt and pour metals.


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Melting Dish, 3″ x 1-1/2″

Particular style of this crucible makes it easier to melt metals with a torch. Made of fused silica with clay bond and suited to high melting temperatures. 7-1/2 oz. capacity.


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Perforated Flask 3-3/8″ x 4″

Stainless steel heavy-duty flasks, with machined perforations, help assure a perfect cast since metal is being forced into cavities evenly from all directions. 3-3/8″ x 4″.


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Pewter, 1 Pound

Lead-free and melts at about 450°F(232°C). An excellent metal for small sculptures.


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Plastelina Modeling Clay

Pliable, gray-green in color. Used to fill cups in sprue bases. 1 lb. block.


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Plastic Measuring Cylinder

For measuring the correct amount of water to mix with investment and determining the amount of metal to be cast by the displacement method. 250ml.


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Pro-Craft Borax Flux, 8 oz.

Controls oxidation during the melting process.


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Procraft Mold Parting Powder, 1 lb

Provides clean mold separation.


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Procraft Sand Casting Set

For casting simple metal articles such as jewelry and small sculpture in sand.


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Red Silicon Pad

Red silicon pad for Pro-Cast Vacuum Machine (21.805). 5-1/2″ Diameter, 1/2″ Hole.


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Rubber Mixing Bowl, 1-1/2 Quart

Rubber Mixing Bowl, 1-1/2 Quart


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Rubber Mixing Bowls

Made of flexible rubber that is heavy enough to hold the mixture yet flexible enough for easy pouring.


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Rubber Sleeve for Perforated Flask

No more messy masking tape! These latex rubber sleeves are placed over the flask to contain the investment while pouring and also form a collar so that no spilling occurs.


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See-Thru Mold Frame Set 5/8″

Mold frame sets consist of U-shaped frame, two pieces of sheet glass and two clamps.


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Set of 6 Spatulas and Carvers

Set of 6 popular carvers, spatulas and probes.


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Set of 7 Spatulas and Carvers, With Stand and Sharpening Stone

Set of double-ended wax carvers and spatulas. Seven pieces in a handy wood stand, with built-in sharpening stone. Organizes and protects tools.


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Sprue Former

Attaches to the model in them old frame to form the opening in them old through which the wax is injected. Assures a proper fit on the nozzle of the wax injector.


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Universal Sprue Base

One size fits all 2 1/2″, 3″, and 3 1/2″ flasks.


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Vac-U-Coat Spray, 8 oz Bottle

Reduces surface tension on model so that investment will adhere. Eliminates bubbles. Flask may be vacuumed. 8 oz. bottle with spray pump.


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Vacuum Pump Oil, 32 oz Bottle

Specifically formulated for use in all oil seal vacuum pumps.


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Wax Drip Tray, 7″ x 7″

Tray protects the floor of your burnout oven, while providing proper support for your flasks.


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Wax Kleen – 8 oz.

A preparation that removes scratches, smooths and cleans wax patterns prior to casting.


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Wax Spatula, 8″ Long

Wood handle and stainless steel blade.  Handy for many types of mixing jobs.


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Wax Thermometer

For testing wax temperature during the melting process. All metal with an 8″ long stem and 2″ diameter dial. Readings in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.


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