Bergeon 7026 #5 Style Swiss Made Tweezers

Bergeon 7026 #5 Style Swiss Made Tweezers. 110mm length.


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Dumont II Pattern #5 Swiss Tweezers

Similar to pattern No. 4, except have very narrow needle-like points.


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Dumont Pattern #5 Swiss Tweezers

Ideally suited for handling microscopic parts. Shanks are indented with beveled edges and points that have been extra-honed to a needle-like shape and sharpness. Overall length 4-1/2″.


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Horotec #S5C Brass Tweezers, Bent Tips

Horotec #S5C brass tweezers with bent tips. Non-marring, perfect for delicate work. 5 1/4″ length.


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Prideline #5 Stainless Steel Tweezers

#5 Stainless Steel Economy Tweezers Metal: Stainless Steel Length: 4-1/2″ Point: Very Sharp


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