AuRACLE Gold Tester Replacement Pen Probe by GemOro for AGT-1, AGT-2 & AGT-3

To be used with the GemOro AuRACLE line of gold testers – No guessing on the karat or value of the gold, easy non-destructive test can be done without prior training or knowledge of gold testing.


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GemOro 1 CT CZ Master Set Pro

Professionally color grade diamonds in seconds with GEMORO’S new generation CZ Master Set Pro 2!


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GemOro Testerossa

The GemOro Testerossa features NEW ADVANCED EXCLUSIVE MOISSANITE TESTING TECHNOLOGY capable of identifying the widest range of the electrically conductive moissanite material available


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GemOro Ultra Dock Charging Stand

The GemOro 0752 UltraDock Charging Station can be used to cradle and charge GemOro testers when not in use.


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GemOro UltraTester 3 Diamond & Moissanite Tester

Identifies, detects and separates diamond from CZ, moissanite (including the new most difficult F1 moissanite) and white sapphire


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GemOro® Pro-D3 White Diamond and Sapphire Tester

The Pro-D3 white diamond and sapphire tester from GemOro® offers the protection against fraud. This tester uses electrical conductivity testing to reliability identify white diamonds and sapphires.


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KEE Gold & Platinum Tester

Original analog gold tester using the AuRACLE technology with thousands sold Meter readout shows karat value ranges Tests 10K, 14K, 18K and 22-24K gold in all colors and identifies platinum Manual dial adjustment calibration using 18K yellow gold Durable testing plate Accessory clip for testing gold while being worn Powered by 1 AA alkaline battery […]


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KEE Tester Replacement Pen

KEE Gold Tester Replacement Pen


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Presidium Diamond Mate – PDMT-A

The Presidium Diamond Mate utilizes proven thermal conductivity testing method to instantly verify the authenticity of diamonds. Test results are indicated by visual light and audible beeps.


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Presidium Gem Tester – PGT II

The Presidium Gem Tester II (PGT II) features a clear and direct analog display for a quick way to identify diamonds/moissanite and separate up to 15 common colored gemstones from one another based on their thermal conductivity. It still features a retractable probe tip that ensures consistent pressure against the gemstone during tests resulting in more reliable results. With the industry’s thinnest probe tip size of 0.6mm, the PGT II tests gemstones as small as 0.02ct.


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Presidium Multi Tester – PMUTIII

Convenient all-in-one handheld instrument that instantly separates diamonds from moissanites and other diamond simulants, based on their thermal and electrical properties.


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SmartPro Screen-I Synthetic Colorless Diamond Screener

The smartest and fastest diamond screener in the world!

Designed to discern natural earth-mined colorless diamonds from lab created or synthetic stones. Latest technology high-efficiency, mercury-free light source.


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