Bench Knife with Hardwood Handle

Handy, all-purpose knife with sharp, well-tempered blade firmly mounted in hardwood a handle. Overall length 5″, blade length 1-3/4″.


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Bench Knife, Medium Duty with 1-3/4″ Blade

Medium-duty bench knife features a slim 1-3/4″ blade set firmly in hardwood handle. Overall length 5″.


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Bergeon 7403 Case Knife

Double bladed case knife made by Victorinox. Tweezer and pick included. Versatile case that is an indispensable tool for any watchmaker or hobbyist. Swiss Made.


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Deluxe Covered Scalpel Knife Handle

High-quality handle has a thick, non-slip PVC coating for continual comfort. 5″ length.


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Diamond Point, Knife

Knife .240″ diameter, .091″ head length


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Economy Bench Knife

The sturdy stainless steel blade, mounted in a hardwood handle shaped to fit the hand, stands up well to rugged utility use. Length: 6″ (150mm).


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Economy Case Opening Knife

Economy case knife is 4″ long with hard plastic handle and tempered blade. Fixed blade does not fold into handle.


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Excel Blades 8 1/2″ X 12″ Cutting Mat

Green triple layered mat in a self-healing material which enables the user to cut more accurately without dulling blades. Measures: 8-1/2″ x 12″.

Flat Blade Case Knife

This universally popular shape gives watchmakers the small handle necessary to properly grip when prying open snap-on case backs.


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Horotec Precitec Economy Case Knife

Economy watchmakers watch case opening knife, 1 penknife blade, 1 case opening blade. White finish. Swiss Army Style.


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Knife Handle Mold Cutting Stainless Steel

Stainless steel metal handle used for cutting open rubber molds. Holds surgically sharp blades that snap on and are easy to change so that you always have a sharp blade.


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Mold Cutting Knife Handle, Stainless Steel

Surgically sharp blades fit into comfortable plastic handle. Widely used for cutting rubber molds.


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Push Type Case Opening Knife

Configured to make opening certain cases easier this 3 opener is popular among many watchmakers. Simply place the blade under the case back and twist.


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Scalpel Knife Blades, Straight, No. 11, Pack of 12

Replacement Knife Blades, Straight, No. 11, pack of 12


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Scalpel Knife Blades, Straight, No. 11, Pack of 5

Replacement knife blades sold by the pack of five. Style No. 11


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Snap Back Case Opener Knife

Designed to make opening watch cases easier. Just position the point between the case back and the case and slowly push.


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Soft Grip Knife, X-acto style

This is the most popular style knife of its type. Now it’s improved with a soft-grip handle. New technology assures sharper blades of better temper than ever before.


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Swann-Morton Knife Blades, Curved, No. 12

Swann-Morton replacement knife blades made of carbon steel and sold by the box of 100. Curved, No. 12


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