6 pc Black Epoxy Tweezer Set

6 pc Black Epoxy Tweezer Set. Styles SS, 2A, 3C, 00, 5, & 7.


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Bergeon 6751-S ESD Carbon Fiber Tweezers- 3 piece set

Carbon Fiber Tweezer set of 3. Three different styles included: sharp points, medium points and flat end points.


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Bergeon 7024-P03 Anti-magnetic Tweezers 3 Piece Set

Bergeon 7024-P03 Anti-magnetic Tweezers Set. Includes styles #1, #3 & #5.


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Bergeon 7140 Cross Locking Tweezers for Crystals and Dials

These specialty cross locking tweezers are designed with a notch to hold crystals and dial securely. Negative action opens wider when you pinch the handle closed. Holds crystals from approximately 15mm to 70mm with maximum thickness of approximately 3.5mm. Stainless steel handle with replaceable teflon tips.


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Brass Tweezer Set in pouch, 5 piece

Tweezers are very soft and non-magnetic
Include the following styles: #3, #5, AA, MM and AM
Come in a convenient storage pouch


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