2″ Table Vise

This vise with 2 inch jaws offers a choice of clamping or screwing onto the bench. An excellent value and a necessity for every bench.


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Adjustable Head Pin Vise

Rounded wood handle with chucks that open from 0 to .129″. Holds a variety of tools. Ideal for beading and millgrain tools. Overall length 3″


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Baby Pin Vise, 1-7/8″ OAL, 0 to .020″ Capacity

Midget-sized hollow handle metal pin vise with screw chuck. Capacity 0 to .020″ (0 to .51 mm), overall length 1-7/8″.


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Bergeon 1842-B 4 pc. Pin Vice Assortment

Set of four pin vices in a convenient storage case. Pin vices are made of nickel plated brass. Openings range from 0.1mm – 5.0mm.


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Bergeon 30026-D Pin Vice Assortment

Three piece Bergeon pin vice assortment. Sizes included: 0.0-0.5mm 0.5-1.0mm/1.0-1.5mm 1.0-1.5/1.50-2.0mm


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Bergeon 30432 Pin Vise Slide Lock

Bergeon slide locking pin vise. Steel jaws with 0 to 1.5mm opening.


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Bergeon 5674-D Replacement Nylon Jaw

Bergeon 5674-D Replacement nylon jaw for Bergeon 5674 Case Vise. Sold per jaw.


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Brass Handle, Pin Vise, 3-1/8″ OAL, 0 to .028″ Capacity

Steel collet Is set into hollow brass handle with screw chuck. Capacity is 0 to .028″ (0 to .71mm), overall length 3-1/8″.


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Case Holder w/Vise

A must for every watchmaker this movement holder clamps onto the edge of your bench. The holder is made of metal and will hold any size movement.


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Double-Ended Pin Vise, 4-1/4″ OAL, 0 to .099″ Capacity

Different size steel collets are mounted in both ends of hollow handle. Capacity 0 to .099″ (0 to 2.5 mm), overall length 4-1/4″


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Double-Ended Pin Vise, 4-1/8″ OAL, 0 to .125″ Capacity

With reversible steel collets in each end. Hexagonal heads prevent rolling. Hollow handle and heads made of brass. Capacity is 0 to .125″ (0 to 3.2 mm). Overall length 4-1/8″ .


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Hand Vise with Wood Handle, 6-1/4″ OAL

A lightweight vise mounted in a wood handle. Smooth jaws are 1-1/4″ wide and open to 1″. Overall length is 6-1/4″.


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Lowell Style Hand Vise

With hollow handle and grooved corrugated jaws that open and close by turning handle. Design allows you to hold long wire pieces not accessible with regular hand vise. Width of jaws 1/2″, overall length 4-3/4″.


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Pin Slide Vise, 4-1/8″ OAL, 0 to .051″ Capacity

Knurled ring slides forward to close steel jaws, making It easy to operate with one hand. Handle is hollow. Capacity 0 to .051″ (0 to 1.3mm). Overall length is 4-1/8″.


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Precision Pin Vise, 3″ OAL, 0 to .040″ Capacity

Tool steel collets grip firmly when screw chuck is tightened. Chromium-plated handles are hollow to permit holding of long wires.


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Precision Pin Vise, 4-1/4″OAL, .115″ to .188″ Capacity

Tool steel collets grip firmly when screw chuck is tightened. Chromium-plated handles are hollow to permit holding of long wires.


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Precision Pin Vises, Set of Four

Includes Pin Vices: 0 to .040″, .025″ to .062″, .050″ to .125″, and .115″ to .188″.


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Premium Nut and Screw Grabber

The expandable jaw automatically grips any size or shape of lock nut, hex nut, star nut, cap nut, or round nut.


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Square Chuck Pin Vise, 3-1/4″”OAL, 0 to .079″ Capacity

Has two steel chucks with spare chuck held in end of hollow brass handle. Will not roll off your bench. Capacity 0 to .079″ (0 to 2.0 mm).


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Swivel Head Pin Vise, 0-125 LMP

With large free wheeling head, making it suitable for drilling, tapping, or using as a screwdriver.


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Wing Nut Hand Vise, Wide, 5/8″

Serrated, grooved, spring action jaws open and close with large wing nut. Handles are hollow so that long wire will pass through. Two jaw widths are available. Both open to 1/4″. Overall length is 4-1/2″.


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