Brush for Flex Shaft Motors

Brush for Flex Shaft Motors. Sold in pairs.


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Flex Shaft Holder, Screw Mount

Telescoping hangers will extend 42″ above your workbench. Height adjustments are made easily with the thumbscrew.


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Flexshaft Drill Press Stand

The fully adjustable drill press stand made of high-quality material, small enough to easily fit on your workbench but tough enough for any project! A lever-action drill stand for quick, efficient, and precise work. Compatible with the Standard Flexshaft Handpiece.


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Foredom 1/3 HP Motor with Plastic Foot Control TX-TXR

Foredom’s higher torque flex shaft model, the M.TX hang-up style motor, is teamed up with a TXR plastic housing foot pedal.
Two Year Limited Warranty on Motor and Control.


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Foredom 1/6 HP Motor with Plastic Foot Control SR-FCT

Here the M.SR Hang-up style Motor, our most popular model, is teamed up with the C.FCT-1 foot operated Speed Control in plastic housing.


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Foredom Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp

Double Motor hanger with bench clamp mount features 3-pc hexagonal support rod and safety hook rod for holding one or two motors. (Motors not included)


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Foredom H.28 Handpiece, Slim, Collet-style

Slender, tapered grip H.28 comes with 2 collets and accommodates accessories with shanks up to 1/8″. Key tip connection.


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Foredom HP012.010 Collet for H.10 & H.10D Handpieces

Replacement collet for H.10 and H.10D Handpieces. Holds accessories with 3/32″ shanks.


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Foredom HP703 Collet for H.18, & H.18D Handpieces

Replacement collet for H.18, H.18D and H.18SJ Handpieces. Holds accessories with 3/32″ shanks.


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Foredome Flexade 5/16″ Right Side Coupling

34″ long Flexade converts a bench lathe, drill press or electric drill into a flexible shaft machine. Flexades are Right Side Specific when used with Foredom’s bench Lathe. See Product Options for choice of Flexade Coupling Size. 5/16″ coupling for current lathes. **Lathe and/or handpiece is not included.**


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Grobet USA® Flexible Shaft Motor C300 -1/10HP, 110V

Economical workhorse, ideal for precision work. Ball-bearing motor runs smoothly, requires no lubrication. Includes motor, handpiece, and foot pedal. Full 1-year warranty.


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Inner shaft for Grobet C-300 Flexshaft

Inner shaft for Grobet flexshaft C-300 and S-300.


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Maintenance Kit For Flex Shaft

Includes tube of flexible shaft lubricant(grease) and a set of replacement motor brushes.


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Multi-Grinder Polishing and Buffing Machine

Multi-purpose 1/8 HP machine, with variable speeds from 0 to 10,000 RPM.


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Pin Chuck Set with 3 Collets

All steel construction Blackened body Shaft diameter 6.4 mm 3 Collets 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm


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Pro-Flex II Flex Shaft by Arbe

A quality flex shaft at an economical price. We recommend this flex shaft to all our customers!


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Quick Change Handpiece

Quick change collet-release lever for use with 3/32″ (2.4mm) shanks


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Sheath for Flexshaft motor

For all Grobet flexshaft motors including series 595, 695, 795, and 995.


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Sheath for Grobet Flexshaft C-300

Sheath for the inner shaft of the Grobet C300 and S-300 flexshaft.


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