#10 Replacement Blades/ Pack of 5

#10 Replacement blades for Soft Grip Knife. Packs of 5 blades.


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12″ Magnetic Tool Holder

12″ Magnetic Tool Holder for wall mounting.


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2″ Table Vise

This vise with 2 inch jaws offers a choice of clamping or screwing onto the bench. An excellent value and a necessity for every bench.


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4″ Square Bench Block

Supports work for flattening and laying out designs. Case-hardened. Ground flat and smooth.


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5X Magnifying Lamp

This affordable 5X magnifier lamp offers the user a portable solution to viewing anything small. With a 4 lens see all the details and work with greater ease and better results


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Anvil-Oblong W/V-Slot

These anvils have a flat smooth case hardened surface and can be used as a base for staking, riveting and drilling small parts.


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Atlas Super Grip Glove, 3 sizes

Atlas Super Grip gloves offer the best in hand and finger protection. Slightly tacky palm is nitrile coated for a great grip and extra puncture resistance. The remainder is woven poly which breathes keeping hands cool.


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Bench Knife with Hardwood Handle

Handy, all-purpose knife with sharp, well-tempered blade firmly mounted in hardwood a handle. Overall length 5″, blade length 1-3/4″.


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Bench Knife, Medium Duty with 1-3/4″ Blade

Medium-duty bench knife features a slim 1-3/4″ blade set firmly in hardwood handle. Overall length 5″.


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Bench Pin 7″ x 1 3/4″

A necessary bench accessory, bench pins are made of fine hardwoods to fit slots in work benches.


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Bench Pin Saw Vice

The Bench Pin Saw Vise is the perfect tool for holding metal wood or plastic for easy sawing. A necessity for the jeweler’s bench as well as for the hobbyist or craft person. Fits in standard bench slot or clamps on table.


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Bench Pin with V Slot

A necessary bench accessory, bench pins are made of fine hardwoods to fit slots in work benches.  

  • Size: 7″ x 1-3/4″




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Bench V-Slot Board Only

Extra board for 135.0361, V-Slot Board and Clamp. Measures 7-1/2″ L x 2-1/2″ W.


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Bergeon 7808 Anti-Skid Bench Mat- Green

Slightly soft and flexible allowing to execute various works such as assembly, casing and control in optimal conditions thanks to a better contrast with the different colors.


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Black LED Lamp with Double-Reach Clamp

Black color. Comes with both clamp and base stand.


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Blitz Jewelry Care Cloth Jewelry Polishing and Cleaner

The inner cloth cleans jewelry with tarnish inhibitors and a special non-toxic formula to wipe away dirt, make-up, body oils on your jewelry! The outer cloth polishes and shines your jewelry to have a luster and brillance like new!


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Chamois Cloth 10 X 10″

The perfect material for polishing all types of metals the chamois cloth has been recognized for years as the ultimate. Try this genuine white 10 x 10 chamois for final polishing.


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Clear Safety Glasses

Lightweight nylon black frame. Clear protective sides. Adjustable temples.


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Combination Bench Pin And Anvil

Use for support to flatten pieces or lay out work. Flat anvil is smoothly finished. Adjustable clamp enables you to use it on benches up to 2″ thick.


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Connoisseurs Ultra-Soft Polishing Cloth for Gold

A rouge less, dual-cloth buffing system. Ultra-Soft for Jewelry cleans and buffs gold jewelry. Measures 11″ x 14″


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Cotton Finger Guards Package of 20

Comfortable cotton and elastic finger cots help protect your fingers as well as protect your skin, while adding support and security when handling work pieces. Pk/20.


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Dazor Fluorescent Bench Lamp – Black

High quality Dazor 3-Bulb bench lamp. Adjustable arm makes positioning easy anywhere on the bench. Clamps or bolts to your bench with ease.


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Deluxe Covered Scalpel Knife Handle

High-quality handle has a thick, non-slip PVC coating for continual comfort. 5″ length.


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Perfect for demagnetizing tweezers, screwdrivers and other small tools and parts. Will also magnetize tools such as screwdrivers if you desire.

Double Cushion Watch Winder

Scientifically made double watch winder looks great for the shop or even for home use. The outer box is made of highly polished wood with a dark lacquered finish.

Double Horn Anvil w/ Rectangle Base

Made for precision work, our European model, miniature machined horn anvil is case hardened steel. Size: 1-1/4″ x 4-3/4″ Weight: 1-1/4lbs


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Double-Ended Steel Tracer, 4-1/2″

Double-ended steel tracer with knurled center.

Length: 4-1/2″


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Dusting Brush, 4 1/4″ Long

Soft camel hair brush to remove dust from delicate surfaces.Wood handle. Overall length 4 1/4″.


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Easy Loop End Gem Holder

The right way to hold a stone so it can be seen is by the girdle. EURO TOOL has designed the Easy Loop Gem Holder to do just that.


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Economy Bench Knife

The sturdy stainless steel blade, mounted in a hardwood handle shaped to fit the hand, stands up well to rugged utility use. Length: 6″ (150mm).


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Economy Case Opening Knife

Economy case knife is 4″ long with hard plastic handle and tempered blade. Fixed blade does not fold into handle.


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Enameled Fiberboard Bench Plate

Part-catching groove on all four sides. Will not warp. Measures 9″W x 16″ L


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Excel Blades 8 1/2″ X 12″ Cutting Mat

Green triple layered mat in a self-healing material which enables the user to cut more accurately without dulling blades. Measures: 8-1/2″ x 12″.

Fabulustre Polishing Cloth

Double cloth – one side impregnated with jeweler’s rouge and the other side is a final polish cloth. Individually packed in plastic pouches. Measures 9″ x 11″

Finger Pro Tape 3/4″ (Bag of 16 rolls)

Finger Pro is the ultimate finger protection from cuts burns and abrasions.


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Flat Blade Case Knife

This universally popular shape gives watchmakers the small handle necessary to properly grip when prying open snap-on case backs.


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Folding Lamp

The perfect lamp for a multitude of jobs. A reasonably priced portable folding light with a 13 watt daylight bulb.


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Foredom Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp

Double Motor hanger with bench clamp mount features 3-pc hexagonal support rod and safety hook rod for holding one or two motors. (Motors not included)


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Gem Holder Stand -Closeout!!

Suspend your beautiful gemstones for display so that they can be seen. This visually appealing display unit allows stones to float. Metal base ensures stability.


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Grobet USA® Professional LED Bench Lamp with Dimmer Switch

The innovative design enables the user to raise, lower, or tilt, to direct the light source quickly and efficiently. Perfect for precision work!


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Hand and Fingernail Brush, 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″

Extra stiff white nylon bristles in a 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ block.


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Handy Block – Wooden Organizer

Our HANDY BLOCK is a 4-1/2″ x 6″ block of cured hardwood with 88 holes for organizing burs, needle files, beaders, mini brushes, etc.


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Hexagonal Anvil

Used as a base for riveting, drilling and staking small parts, our hex anvil is case hardened and well polished for long life.


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Horotec Large Finger Cots (100pcs)

Latex roll on finger cots size large. Package of 100 pieces.


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Horotec Precitec Economy Case Knife

Economy watchmakers watch case opening knife, 1 penknife blade, 1 case opening blade. White finish. Swiss Army Style.


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Inspection Lamp, 110 Volt

Illuminated 1.75X magnifier provides hands free viewing. Adjustable arm provides light source quickly and efficiently to work area


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Jewelers’ Deluxe Workbench

Don’t settle for imitations…Buy a genuine, solid wood, heavy-duty bench.

Knife Handle Mold Cutting Stainless Steel

Stainless steel metal handle used for cutting open rubber molds. Holds surgically sharp blades that snap on and are easy to change so that you always have a sharp blade.


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