Blitz Jewelry Care Cloth Jewelry Polishing and Cleaner

SKU# BL-117


This 11″ x 14″ two-ply jewelry care and polishing cloth is made from 100% soft cotton flannel, then folded and sewn. The interior polishing cloth is treated with the finest non-toxic cleaning and polishing agents with tarnish inhibitors to clean, shine, care and protect gold, platinum, silver and many other precious metals and jewelry. The inner cloth cleans jewelry with tarnish inhibitors and a special non-toxic formula to wipe away dirt, make-up, body oils on your jewelry! The outer cloth polishes and shines your jewelry to have a luster and brillance like new!

• Do not wash, will remove special cleaning agents.
• Cloth contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives.
• Do not use on thin-plated jewelry.
• Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly
• Made in the USA