3″ Watch Case Cushion

This 3″ cushion gives a soft padded surface to protect the watch face when opening and closing cases changing batteries removing pins and doing other work on watches and watch straps.


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Bergeon 5394-PG Case Cushion 80mm

Casing cushion “Large size”. With a synthetic ring. Central hollowed felt covered, with stamoïd, non-scratching the crystals and the cases. Provided with nonskid coating. Height: 15 mm.


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Bergeon 5394P Case Cushion 55mm

Bergeon 55mm case cushion


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Bergeon 5395-55 Gel Case Cushion

Soft and will not scratch the parts. Matches the shape of watch cases with different geometries.


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Horotec Case Cushion w/ Metal Ring 75mm

Casing cushion with a chromed metallic ring. 75mm in diameter.


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Horotec Case Cushion w/Lid

Reversible case cushion in anti scratch synthetic material.


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Watch Case Cushion 50MM

Excellent work surface for delicate parts. Pad size measures 50mm in diameter.


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