“V” Shape Case Opener

Remover for screw type case backs. This model is popular with many watchmakers offering a large surface for grasping and adjustable claws.


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12 Piece Spare Pin Set for L-G Master Case Opener

Spare pin set for L-G Master Case Opener – CWR-600.00


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Bergeon 4755 Case Opener Lever

Bergeon watch case opener. Swiss made. Lever width 5mm, lever length 110mm.


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Bergeon 5674-D Replacement Nylon Jaw

Bergeon 5674-D Replacement nylon jaw for Bergeon 5674 Case Vise. Sold per jaw.


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Bergeon 6484 Double Lever case Opener

Bergeon Double Lever Case Opener. Has two edges for opening snap back cases, one on the end and one on the side. The edges are smaller than on other tools for more delicate cases.


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Bergeon 6987 Case Opener for Snap Back Cases

Better grip thanks to it’s anodized aluminium handle Ø 23 mm. Stainless steel blade. Total length: 138 mm.


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Bergeon 7403 Case Knife

Double bladed case knife made by Victorinox. Tweezer and pick included. Versatile case that is an indispensable tool for any watchmaker or hobbyist. Swiss Made.


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Bergeon 8008 Rubber Ball Case Opener

Rubber ball to open and close all types of screw on case backs. Inexpensive, easy-to-use this case opener allows most watches to be opened and will not leave marks. Diameter is 2.6″ or 67mm.


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Bergeon Jaxa-Mini Case Wrench

This Jaxa-Mini case wrench is specifically designed to open case backs of large watches. The ergonomic shape provide a firm and comfortable grip. Opens diameters from 18 mm to 62 mm Delivered with 1 set of 2 pins. SWISS MADE


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Case Closer w/ Aluminum Dies

This combination case closer/crystal press beats anything in its price range and beyond. Don’t destroy watch cases or case backs by using the wrong tool. Our Combo Closer will give you years of satisfaction and service. Another Eurotool best buy.


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Case Opener for Gucci Style Cases

Case Opener for Gucci Style Cases


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Case Opening Dies for Baume & Mercier, 3 Piece Set

Contents: 3 dies for 3 different diameter (25 – 30 – 33mm) Swiss made by Horotec


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Horotec Citizen Aqualand Die – 35mm

Die to open the Citizen Aqualand dive watch. This die has 5 notches that fit perfectly in the caseback. Made in France.


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Horotec Maxi Press Watch Case Opener

Provides maximum torque with little effort. 4 pairs of interchangeable pins (round, rectangle, knurled, curved). Large ergonomic top wheel for screwing and unscrewing with little effort.

Horotec Metal Case Opener w/4 Nylon Dies

Horotec Metal Case Opener w/4 Nylon Dies. Swiss Made.


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Horotec Mini Press Watch Case Opener

For closing/opening watches with screw on backs.


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Horotec Omega Seamaster Die Set

Set of four dies for opening Omega Seamaster case backs. Sizes included are: 20mm, 30mm, 33mm, 42mm. Swiss Made.


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Horotec Red Suction Die Set – 7 pc. — MSA07.333

Assortment of seven red suction dies for screw back watches. These dies are made of a soft, synthetic material that forms to fit almost any case back you come across. Sizes included are: 16, 20, 23, 26, 30, 34, and 40mm. Works perfectly with the Horotec Minipress and Maxipress.  


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Horotec Replacement Blades for Bezel Remover

Replacement blades for Horotec MSA07.117 Bezel Remover. Mirror polished, hardened blades are interchangeable on all sides of the bezel remover.


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Horotec Set of Four Push Type Snap Back Case Openers

Stainless steel blades with solid green wooden handle. Set of 4, to open numerous snap back watch cases with ease. Comes in a plastic housing to keep tools organize. Handy for all watchmakers alike. Size: 155mm x 145mm x 37mm.


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Horotec Watch Case Opener Wrench 2 pin, Large Opening

Large opening case opener. Open larger cases without detaching the bracelet using this tool with 55mm span and small head.


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Jaxa Style Case Opener Wrench for Big Watches

Big watches are popular! This new version of the original Jaxa style case wrench now accommodates larger size watches up to 55mm diameter.


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Jaxa Style Case Opener Wrench for Oversize Watches

“Jaxa” Style Case Wrench for Oversize Watches. Fits watches 18-62mm. 3 sets of 4 different pin types. Opens all sizes and shapes of waterproof cases.


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L-G Master Case Opener

Opens all sizes and shapes of waterproof cases. Comes with four sets of pins for case backs with notches holes knurled or polygon.


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Nylon Dies for BB Style Press

Nylon dies for BB Style Press. 16 double sided dies with flat and tapered walls. Can be used for closing cases, press fitting crystals or installing bezels.


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Rolex Style Case Opener

For opening oyster-shaped cases made by Rolex. Includes the wrench and six dies in the appropriate sizes: 18.5 20.2 22.5 26.5 28.3 and 29.5mm.


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Round Jaws for Horotec Press – Elongated

Elongated Round Jaws for Horotec Press. Fits Mini or Maxi Press.


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Rubber Vacuum Case Opener

For opening and closing screw backs and bezels. Has two cup sizes for 0 to 18s watches.


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Snap Back Case Opener Knife

Designed to make opening watch cases easier. Just position the point between the case back and the case and slowly push.


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Snap On Case Back Remover Watch Pry Type Case Opener

For those hard to open cases this is your best tool! Quality made and easy to use.


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Square Jaws for Horotec Press – Elongated

Elongated Square Jaws for Horotec Press. Fits Mini or Maxi Press.


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Vigor Economy Watch Case Opener Flat

Polished and tempered steel blade with knife edges. Mounted in hardwood handle with metal ferrule. Overall length 4 1⁄2″ (114 mm).


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Watch Case Opener Friction Ball Style

Specially designed, hard rubber Friction Ball Watch Case Opener opens screw back style watch cases easily, and without any possibility of scratching. Inexpensive, easy-to-use and will not leave marks. Size 2-1/2″ Diameter.


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Watchmakers Case Opener Bench Knife

Deluxe bench knife features riveted handle and tempered blade. Excellent for opening watch cases. Length: 5-1/4″ (135mm).


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Waterproof Watch Case Opener in Wooden Box

Modeled after the famous JAXA but less expensive this case wrench meets the highest standards at a moderate price. Packed in a hardwood box. Sets of spare pins also sold separately. 5-1/2 length.


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Wood Case Vise

Opens to accept all size waterproof cases. Will not mar watch cases.


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