Battery and Pulse Tester

The newest in innovative watch analyzers now offered by EURO TOOL allows users to tell whether the step motor is working or if the battery is dead without opening the watch.


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Bergeon 5555/10-ASS Gasket Replacement Set

This is the complete gasket replacement kit for the Bergeon 5555/98 waterproof tester. Contains 10 different rubber o-ring gaskets and 1 flat metal washer gasket.


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Bergeon 5555/10-TC

Replacement tester arm for Bergeon 5555-98

Bergeon 5555/98 Tube

Plexi-cylinder Bergeon ref. 5555-98 -TP. Made for waterproof tester Bergeon Ref. 5555-98


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Calypso Waterproofing Machine – Cylinder Gasket – 70mm

Calypso Waterproofing Machine – Cylinder Gasket – 70mm. Round O ring gasket for between cover and cylinder. 70mm in diameter.


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Economy Watch Battery Tester

Compact but very accurate this unit tests watch calculator and camera batteries as well as lithium and mercury cells. Priced right and the quality is assured.


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Horotec FlashTest

The HOROTECĀ© Flashtest is an advanced, multifunctional and portable tester for analog quartz watches and movements.


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Horotec Pulse Watch Tester

Horotec Pulse tester checks the electronic parts in analog watches. This particular tester was designed to test the coils and circuits of the watches.

Horotec Turbo Watch Tester

The Turbo tester tests quartz wheel trains without opening the watch. Swiss made. The Turbo tests the mechanical side of a quartz analog watch movement.


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Vibrograph B200 Timing Paper

VibroGraph B200 is 36mm, blue tinted and is pressure sensitive paper.


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