TYMC Timegrapher MTG-4000A Watch Timing Machine

SKU# MTG-4000A


MTG-4000 testing device for mechanical watches. Complete, multifunctional
model for professional use.
Functions :
– Measurement of beat rate (sec/day), mechanical watch beat error m/s and
watch beat diagram
– Acoustic watch beat simulation (can be switched off)
– Amplitude measurement over a range of 90° to 350°, lift angle selection
from 30° to 60° with 0.1° resolution
– 6 programmed positions with test report
– “Pause” and “Shift” functions to stop the current measurement and view
previous stored beats
– TYAPS signal processing unit which automatically controls the signal level
and filters peripheral noise
– Highly stable TCXO quartz oscillator for time base : +/- 0.1 sec/day
– Results are displayed on a 7″ (153 x 86 mm) colour LCD screen.