Bergeon 1896-G Pivot Cutting Broach Set – 12 pc.

Set of 12 steel pivot cutting broaches. Broaches are 5 sided. 0.05-.30mm.


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Bergeon 3008 Pivot Cutting Broaches

Bergeon precision cutter set is high quality steel with a bakelight handle for working on small parts. Sizes .05 – .20mm, Swiss


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Bergeon 30522 Reamer and Spindle Set

Set of 15 Reamers and Spindle from Bergeon.

Bergeon 4719 Pin vice reamer holder

Pin Vice for cutting broaches. Reamer with chuck opening.


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Extra Fine Broach Set – 12 pc.

Features a miniature pin vise and 12 tiny broaches made of high carbon cutting steel.

Broaches are five-sided for enlarging holes and range from .05 – .55mm.

Made in Germany.


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