Horotec Incabloc Stakes and Pushers

SKU# MSA13.153


Horotec MSA 13.153 Assortment of 7 Incabloc® Stakes and 6 Pushers with an axle of Ø4mm suitable for use with jewelling tools. 

Stake sizes Ext Ø x Hole Ø: 1.65mm x 1.20mm, 2.00mm x 1.60mm, 2.30mm x 1.90mm, 2.50mm x 2.00mm, 3.00mm x 2.50mm, 3.50mm x 3.00mm, 4.00mm x 3.50mm

Punch sizes Ext Ø x Hole Ø: 1.57mm x 1.20mm, 1.87mm x 1.40mm, 2.07mm x 1.60mm, 2.47mm x 1.90mm, 2.97mm x 2.40mm, 3.47mm x 2.80mm.

Supplied in a plastic base with transparent lid.

Swiss Made.