Wood Hub Brush, 2 Rows of Bristle, 2-1/4″ Overall Diameter

SKU# 167.0381


Chungking bristles mounted into hardwood hubs with 1/4″ arbor holes for use on the tapered spindles of polishing motors.Genuine Chungking bristle insures longer life & superior polishing action piece after piece. Wood hubs are seasoned hardwood and oil-treated to prevent splitting and guarantee long-lasting service. Bristle tufts are staple-set into hubs to remain securely fastened until completely worn down.

Style # 6B

2 rows of converging bristle.

Hub Diameter – 1-1/4″ and Tapered Arbor Hole.

Trim Length – 1/2″

Overall Diameter – 2-1/4″