1 1/2″ Table Vise

This vise with 1-1/2 jaws offers a choice of clamping or screwing onto the bench. An excellent value and a necessity for every bench.


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Adjustable Head Pin Vise

Rounded wood handle with chucks that open from 0 to .129″. Holds a variety of tools. Ideal for beading and millgrain tools. Overall length 3″


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B&S Gauge Wire and Drill Gauge

American standard for ordering wire and sheet sizes from 0 to 36. Decimalequivalents on the back. Imported, economical quality.


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Brightboy Abrasives Pumice Wheel, Tapered, 7/8″

For cleaning, polishing and finishing. Made from natural rubber with graded pumice grain evenly distributed to assure uniform results. The light action produces a smooth finish on soft metals. Arbor hole is 1/16″.Sold by the box of 100.


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Busch Drill, Pearl, Fig. 77A, Size 012

For drilling the holes for setting seed pearls and other round or half-round stones. 3/32″ shank.


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Daddy Dipper Pickle Pot 24oz.

This deluxe pickle pot can accommodate larger pieces, or large numbers of pieces at a time. Keep an eye on your work with the clear glass lid. Know when you need to change your pickle solution with the white interior crock. Larger 24oz capacity Removable crock for easy cleanup and refreshing your pickle solution White […]


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File Cleaner

Steel wire bristles mounted on wood handle, for removing particles clogging teeth of file. Overall length 10″


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Flask Tong

Our sturdy 16″ flask tongs make retrieving hot flasks easy. Solid steel.


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Grobet USA Swiss Pattern Precision 6″ Half-Round File, Cut 4

Length: 6″ (150 mm)

Width: 5/8″ (16.0 mm)

Thickness: 11/64″ (4.5 mm)

Cut 4


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Optivisor #2 Replacement Lens 1.5X at 20″

Made of the highest quality optical glass, this OptiVISOR® 1.5X (#2) lens plate has a 20″ focal length.


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Pickle Pot 16oz.

You can pay a lot more and never come close to the quality of this pickle pot. Stainless steel with a stoneware bowl. Sure they call it a crock-pot but it’s the best and most economical pickle pot available. Capacity is 16 oz. with a shipping weight of 2.6 lbs.

Presidium Multi Tester – PMUTIII

Convenient all-in-one handheld instrument that instantly separates diamonds from moissanites and other diamond simulants, based on their thermal and electrical properties.


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Wax Spatula, 8″ Long

Wood handle and stainless steel blade.  Handy for many types of mixing jobs.


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