Accucell 1.35V Battery Bulova Accutron 214

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If your Accutron is currently running(or ran) correctly on a modern 1.5V watch battery this cell may not work in your watch without service from a watchmaker.

ACCUCELL-1, This is the NEW power cell specifically designed for the 214 Accutron watches to replace the 387-mercury cell. It has proved itself to be the best alternative to the mercury cell over the past 21 years. It has a voltage controlling circuit that outputs the correct voltage to run these movements. It is powered by a silver oxide cell which is clean and friendly to the environment, not like that of the original mercury cell. Each ACCUCELL-1 comes with full instructions for installing correctly.

It can be used to replace the cells in the 218, 219 & 2310 but you need to check the battery strap contact points and adjust if needed.

*Batteries cannot be returned for credit

The Accucell-1 battery is completely tested before leaving our facility. There is NO reason for testing the voltage before installing. Testing the voltage CAN cause damage to the circuit inside the Accucell-1 and also “DOES” shorten the life of the Accucell-1. If you must check the voltage, depending on the tester you use, the voltage will show anywhere between 1.0 volt and 1.39 volts. The only correct way to check voltage of the Accucell-1 battery is in the watch running and you need to know where to check it. Depending on your watch the running voltage will be between 1.3 volts and 1.36 volts which is the best running voltage for your Accutron.

The Accucell-1 battery is not a Cure-All,, It is just simply the correct voltage for your 214 Accutron watches.

Our goal is to keep your Accutron humming along with the correct voltage, Very important.

These movements were NOT designed to run on the higher voltage batteries (1.55 to 1.6) or the
engineers at Bulova would have made them to run on the higher voltage.


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Bulk Pricing Available.

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