Citizen Eco-Drive Rechargeable Batteries (Capacitor)

SKU# 295-


Citizen Eco-Drive Rechargeable Batteries/Capacitors. Batteries will need 1-5 hours of direct sunlight(or longer if indoor light) upon receipt before installation in the watch. See chart to choose the correct battery as they are movement specific. *Once installed batteries are no longer returnable



Capacitor#  Caliber #
295-28 8510A, 8627A
295-29 0850, 0855, 0870, 0875
295-31 9410M, 9415M, 9417M, 9447M, 9448M, 9455M, 9457M
295-33 8511, 8512, 8515, 8625, 8626, 8628, 8629, 8651, 8730
295-34 7820, 7870, 7872, 7875, 7877
295-39 5080A
295-41 A310, A315
295-44 A160, A270, C690
295-51 B110, B117, E000, E001, E010, E011, E030, E031, E068, E100, E101, E110, E111, E168, E410, G430, G431, G530, H500, H501, H504, H509,H570, H571, J800, J810
295-55 A114, A119, A134, A139, A234, A239, E930, F810, F910
295-56 7821, 7828, 7871, 7873, 7876, 7878, 7879, 8700, A710, A715, A730, A735, A780, A784, A786, B510, B515, B560, B740, B741, B745, B800, B810, B870, B872, B873, B876, B877, B910, C650, C651, C652, C660, E510, E511, E676, E710, E711, E712, E715, E716, E717, E760, E760N, E761, E761N, E765, E766, E768, E810, E811, E812, E816, E817, E820, E860, E865, E870, H410, H411, H412, H414, H415, H416, H417, H419, H430, H434, H435, H437, H438, H460, H461, H465, H466, H485, H486, H490, H492, H495, H496
295-57 7810
295-60 B232, B236, B237
295-63 B230, B234, B235
295-64 D700, D706, D710, D716   Discontinued
295-65 A410M, A411M, A413M
295-66  Discontinued – Replaced by 295-785
295-67 G620, G670, G671, J620, J621
295-69 E210, E600, E610, E670, G900, U600M
295-76 B020, B023, B035, B036, H330, H331, H335, H337, H338, H339, H360, H380, H386
295-753 H010, H018, H030, H050, H054, H058, H059, H100, H106, H109, H110, H111, H111, H112, H113, H115, H116, H117, H119, H128, H144, H145, H148, H149, H162, H176, H183, H246, H800, H804, H820
295-758 E310M, E690M, G910M, H610M, U200, U700, U706
295-763 J015M, J165M
295-785 G820, G870