Citizen Eco-Drive Rechargeable Batteries (Capacitor)

SKU# 295-


Citizen Eco-Drive Rechargeable Batteries/Capacitors. Batteries will need 1-5 hours of direct sunlight(or longer if indoor light) upon receipt before installation in the watch. See chart to choose the correct battery as they are movement specific. *Once installed batteries are no longer returnable



Capacitor# Caliber #
295-288510A, 8627A
295-290850, 0855, 0870, 0875
295-319410M, 9415M, 9417M, 9447M, 9448M, 9455M, 9457M
295-338511, 8512, 8515, 8625, 8626, 8628, 8629, 8651, 8730
295-347820, 7870, 7872, 7875, 7877
295-41A310, A315
295-44A160, A270, C690
295-51B110, B117, E000, E001, E010, E011, E030, E031, E068, E100, E101, E110, E111, E168, E410, G430, G431, G530, H500, H501, H504, H509,H570, H571, J800, J810
295-55A114, A119, A134, A139, A234, A239, E930, F810, F910
295-567821, 7828, 7871, 7873, 7876, 7878, 7879, 8700, A710, A715, A730, A735, A780, A784, A786, B510, B515, B560, B740, B741, B745, B800, B810, B870, B872, B873, B876, B877, B910, C650, C651, C652, C660, E510, E511, E676, E710, E711, E712, E715, E716, E717, E760, E760N, E761, E761N, E765, E766, E768, E810, E811, E812, E816, E817, E820, E860, E865, E870, H410, H411, H412, H414, H415, H416, H417, H419, H430, H434, H435, H437, H438, H460, H461, H465, H466, H485, H486, H490, H492, H495, H496
295-60B232, B236, B237
295-63B230, B234, B235
295-64D700, D706, D710, D716   Discontinued
295-65A410M, A411M, A413M
295-66 Discontinued – Replaced by 295-785
295-67G620, G670, G671, J620, J621
295-69E210, E260, E270, E600, E610, E670, G900, J250, J280, J290, U100 U600M
295-76B020, B023, B035, B036, H330, H331, H335, H337, H338, H339, H360, H380, H386
295-753H010, H018, H030, H050, H054, H058, H059, H100, H106, H109, H110, H111, H111, H112, H113, H115, H116, H117, H119, H128, H144, H145, H148, H149, H162, H176, H183, H246, H800, H804, H820
295-758E310M, E690M, G910M, H610M, U200, U700, U706
295-763J015M, J165M
295-785G820, G870