Individual Breitling® Watch Case Opening Dies



High quality, stainless steel dies are machined perfectly to fit the Breitling® cases.  

Manfacturer Die #Case Reference #Size (mm) Flat to Flat/Corner to Corner/Flat to Corner
5-100A44362, A44363, H44363
11-100A70172, A70174, E70174, E70175, E7017618.2/19.0/18.8
13-500A72345, B52345, B72345, D72345, J72345, K52345, K7234523.0/23.7/23.5
14-20011525/67, A12022, A13022, A13023, A13024, A13322, A13362, A68062, B13022, B13322, D13022, D19022, H19022, L1902226.0/30.8/—
14-700A33030, D3303030.2/30.9/—
14-800A30022, D30022, J30022, K3002230.2/30.8/—
15-100AB0110, A13055, A13355, A13356, A17321, A22322, A23322, A27362, A27363, A27364, A41322, A42062, A42362, A44355, A44359, A45355, A47632, A68362, A78362, A78363, AB0420, B13055, B13355, B13356, B44356, BB45355, C13356, CB0420, D13322, D44355, HB0421, J13055, J13355, J41322, K13055, K13355, K13356, K23322, K41322, K44355, K45355, M44359, R4736236.2/37.0/37.1
15-300AB120, AB0152, A13320, A13341, A13980, A17320, A17390, A17391, A21330, A23360, A25362, A25363, A25365, A35350, A35360, A39362, A39363, A47362, A73387, A73390, A74387, AB0152, B35350, D25363, E13360, E17370, E73360, H25363, J35350, K25363, K35350, M73390, R25365, RB015237.8/38.4/38.2
15-400A13352, A13357, A13358, A37320, A49350, A53050, A73350, B13357, B13358, B49350, C13358, C49350, D13357, K13352, K13357, K4935033.5/34.3/34.1
15-500AB0521, A13370, A13371, A24322, AB0127, K24322, M78365, RB012741.8/42.5/42.3
  15-600A10350, A13050, A13350, A13353, A17350, A20048, A20348, A35312, A41310, A57035, A64050, A64350, A74350, B13350, B13352, B35312, D13352, K1335033.3/33.8/33.6
15-800A13335, A13340,M A17045, A17340, A17345, A17360, A17380, A19350, A32350, A53040, A53340, A73380, A74380, AB0140, H19350, HB014035.5/36.2/36.0
15-900A17312, A41370, A55048, A55348, A77346, B55048, B55348, B7734630.8/31.5/31.3
15-920A14360, M14360, R14360
15-930A57350, A77350, A77380, A338728.3/28.7/28.6


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