PolyWATCH® Glass Polish and Scratch Remover

SKU# AF179.061.6


High-Performance Diamond Polish for any real glass watch crystals

  • Removes small and medium scratches from watch crystals made of real glass
  • Versatile use: watches, smartphone, car, furniture, household, window, etc.
  • 2-Component-System:
    • Step 1 –  the High-Tech Diamond „Repair-Polish“ removes the scratches
    • Step 2 –  the Diamond „Finishing-Polish“ polishes on high gloss
  • Professional results thanks to the „Diamond-Polishing-Technology“ (DPT)
  • Easy and effective application
  • Suitable for all glass qualities
  • Saves expensive repairs and conserves the value
  • For approx. 15 to 20 applications
  • All-Inclusive-Kit