Foredom S-93 Shaft, 39″ Long, Standard

SKU# S-93 Shaft


This 39″ long inner shaft comes installed and should be used to replace broken or worn shafts on these motors: M.SR, M.SRM, M.SRB M.TX, M.TXM, M.TXB M.LX, M.LXM, M.LXB.

Use with outer sheaths S-77 or S-77N, sold separately.

Also use to replace broken or worn shafts on these older discontinued motors: M.SR, M.SRM, M.SRB-1/8HP models sold prior to Nov. 2005 M.L, M.LM, M.LB M.PG M.S, M.SM, M.SB M.CC, M.MM, M.DD M.R, M.RB M.K M.500, M.900 and M.990.

Replacement shafts require a VERY light coating of Foredom grease before use. Be sure to UNPLUG your motor before doing any maintenance and NEVER operate your Foredom with the outer sheath removed.