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Original Seiko SHC015 SHC017 Diver’s Bezel 200M 7N36-7A00

SKU# 86311247


NOS original rotating bezel for the Seiko Diver SHC015 / SEC009.  Stainless steel with black insert.

This bezel fits among other’s the following case numbers:

7N36-7A00, 7N36-7A0A, 7N36-7A10, 7N36-7A08, 7N36-7A09, 7N36-7A19, 7N36-7A0B, 5H26-7A10, 5H26-7A00, 5H26-7A01, 5H26-7A09, 5H26-7A0A


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